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Oringin and Purpose
The first UBF conference The University Bible Fellowship was founded on September 1, 1961 in the midst of national turmoil following the 4/19 nation-wide demonstration and the 5/16 coup d'etat. At the time, Korean college students who were supposed to be the future leaders of the country fell into deep despair due to the social instability and the deteriorating value system of the times.
Summary of Work
 Campus Mission - A.Disciple Making Ministry
 1) The Preaching of the Gospel  2) One-to-One Bible study  3) Fellowship and Small Group Bible Studies  4) Campus Prayer Meeting  5) Morning Prayer Meeting and Quiet Time  6) Bible schools or Academies  7) Summer Bible Conferences  8) U.B.F. Leadership Training  9) Summer and Winter Tutoring

UBF History
First UBF center in Kwang-Ju, 1961 Today I want to focus on the first 20 years of UBF history from its beginning, with the title, "UBF ancestors' gospel faith and missionary spirit." The continuing and growing world mission activity after this first 20 will be covered by a brief list, including names, dates and places. Since the UBF faith and spirit, which was formed during these early 20 years has continued and is maintained to this day, this lecture may be considered as covering the entire history of UBF.
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