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2 Timothy 3:1-3:17
Key Verse: 3:16-17

1. What warning does Paul give concerning “the times in the last days”? (1) Does this warning apply to us today?

2. What do godless people do in the last days? (2-5) Describe their relationship with God and with other people. What does it mean to “have nothing to do with them”?

3. How do some men of depraved minds prey on the weak? (6-8) Why will they not get very far with their folly? (9)

4. Why does Paul mention his life of mission and the persecutions he endured? (10-11) What should we expect from the world as we try to live a godly life in Christ Jesus? (12-13)

5. What can we do to overcome the terrible times in the last days? (14-15)

6. Memorize verses 16-17. What does it mean “All Scripture is God-breathed”? How can we apply the word of God in doing the work of God?
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