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Matthew 12:1-12:21
Key Verse: 12:20

1. What did Jesus’ disciple do and what question did the Pharisees raise? (v1-2) How did Jesus answer them? (3-5) Think about the story of David and that of the priests? (cf. 1Sa 21:6; Num 28:9,10)

2. What did Jesus say about himself? (6-8) Think about the meaning of each.

3. When Jesus went into their synagogue, who was there? What did the Pharisee ask Jesus? (9-10) What did Jesus say to them? (11-12) What did they have to know and learn?

4. What prophecy was fulfilled? (15-17) How is God’s chosen servant described and what does he do? (18-21) What can be the hope of the nations?
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