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Matthew 13:53-14:21
Key Verse: 14:16

1. Read 13:53-58. When Jesus began teaching in the synagogue of his hometown, what was the people’s initial response? (53-54a) What questions did they raise? (54b-56) How could they have such thoughts and questions? What did Jesus say to them? (57) Why did Jesus not do many miracles there? (58) What can we learn here?

2. Read 14:1-12. When Herod heard the reports about Jesus, how did he respond to it? (1-2) What caused him to have such a response? (3-12) What can you say of the person Herod?

3. How did a large crowd come to follow Jesus and what did Jesus do for them? (13-15) As evening approached, what did the disciples suggest? (15) What does this show about them? How did Jesus reply? (16) Think about the words in Jesus’ reply.

4. How did Jesus feed the large crowd? (17-21) What does this event teach us?
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