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Matthew 26:31-26:56
Key Verse: 26:39

1. What was Jesus’ prediction concerning his disciples? (31) What did he promise to them? (32) How did Peter reply? (33) What did Jesus say to him? (34) How did Peter respond to it? (35) How were Jesus and all his disciples, including Peter, different here?

2. Where did Jesus go to pray? (36-38) How did Jesus express his mental state? (37-38) What did he do in this condition? (39a) What was his prayer topic? (39b)

3. What did he find his disciple doing? (40) What did he ask Peter? (41) What was his repeated prayer topic? (42,44) Do you find any progress in his prayer? How about his disciples’ condition? (43,45a) What did his prayer result in? (45b)

4. How was Jesus arrested? (46-50) What did he say to his companions? (51-54) What did he say to the crowd? (55-56)
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