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Matthew 26:57-27:26
Key Verse: 26:64

1. Where was Jesus tried and how did the chief priests and the Sanhedrin try him? (26:57-60) What was the final testimony of the witnesses? (60b) How did Jesus respond to all the false accusations? (63a) How did the high priest interrogate him? (63b) What was Jesus’ reply (64)? How did the high priest react and what was the final charge made? (65-66) How did they treat Jesus? (67)

2. Where did Peter position himself? (26:58) Describe Peter’s first (69-70), second (71-72), and third trial (73-74), where and before whom and how. What led him to repentance? (74b-75)

3. What decision did the Sanhedrin members make and to whom did they hand him over? (27:1-2) How did Judas’ life end? (3-5) How did the chief priest respond to it? (6-8) What did the author see in this? (9-10)

4. What question did the governor ask Jesus and why such a question? (11a) How did he reply and what is the meaning of it? (11b) How did Jesus respond to the accusations? (12-14) How did Pilate try to release Jesus and why? (15-18) What message did Pilate’s wife send to him? (19) How did Pilate attempt again and again to release Jesus and what was the result? (20-24) How did he finally treat Jesus? (25-26)
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