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Matthew 27:27-27:56
Key Verse: 27:46

1. Where did the governor’s soldiers take Jesus? (27) How did the whole company of soldiers mock Jesus? (28-30) What was ironic about their mockery? What did the soldiers do after mocking him? (31)

2. As they were going out, whom did they meet and what did they do with him? (32) Where did they come and what did they offer Jesus? (33-34) When they crucified Jesus, what did the soldiers beneath the cross do? (35-36)

3. What was the written charge against Jesus? (37) Who were crucified with him? (38) How did the passers-by mock Jesus? (39-40) How did the religious leaders mock Jesus? (41-43) What was common in these mockeries and what was the difference? What did the robbers that were crucified with him do? (44)

4. At the crucifixion of Jesus how did nature respond? (45) What did Jesus cry out on the cross? (46) Why do you think Jesus cried this out? How did the people standing there interpret Jesus’ cry, and what did they do? (47-49) How did Jesus die? (50)

5. At the moment of Jesus’ death what happened in the temple, with the earth and the rock and the tombs? (51-53) How did the centurion and those with him respond at this? (54) How were the women there described? (55-56)

6. Who came at this time and what did he do for Jesus? (57-60) Who was there at Jesus’ burial? (61)
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