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Matthew 27:62-28:20
Key Verse: 28:6

1. The next day, the one after Preparation Day, what did the chief priests and the Pharisees do? (27:62-64) Why did they do so even after Jesus’ death and burial? How did Pilate respond at their request? (65) What was done to Jesus’ tomb? (66)

2. After the Sabbath, who went to the tomb? (28:1) What happened to the tomb and to the guards? (2-3) What message did the women hear? (5-7) Think about the message that came to the women.

3. Afterward what did the women do? (8) Suddenly who met them and how did the women react? (9) How can you describe this meeting? What message did they receive? (10)

4. While the women were on their way, what did some of the guards do? (11) What was devised and what story was circulated among the Jews of that time? (12-15) Why do think such a thing happen in history even up to the present day?

5. How was the meeting between the eleven disciples and the Risen Jesus described? (16-17) What did Jesus say to them about himself and how did he commission them? (18-20a) What did he promise them? (20b)
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