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Matthew 14:22-14:36
Key Verse: 14:27

1. After feeding the five thousand, what did Jesus do for the disciples, the crowd and himself? (22-23)

2. What was the disciples’ situation and what did Jesus do for them? (24-25) How did the disciples respond at this? (26) How did Jesus help them? (27) Think about this Jesus.

3. What did Peter ask Jesus? (28) What did Jesus say to him and what did Peter do? (29) How was his situation changed? (30) How did Jesus help him? (31) What does Jesus want us to do with faith?

4. What happened to the wind and what did the disciples do? (32-33) Think about their confession.

5. Where did Jesus and his disciples go? (34) What did people there do and what did Jesus do for them? (35-36) How can we receive Jesus’ mercy?
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