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Matthew 16:13-16:28
Key Verse: 16:16

1. At the region of Caesarea Philippi, what did Jesus ask his disciples? (13) How did they reply? (14) What was his second question? (15) Think about the importance of this question? How was this question answered? (16) What does this answer mean?

2. In his reply, what did Jesus say about the blessedness of Peter (17)? And what promises did he give to him? (18-20) Think about the promises.

3. What did Jesus begin to explain to his disciples? (21) What did this tell us about Christ? How did Peter react to it? (22) What did Jesus say to Peter? (23)

4. What did Jesus say to his disciples? (24) What did he say about life-losing and life-saving? (25) And about the value of one’s soul? (26)

5. How is the Son of Man going to come? What will he do when he comes? (27) What final promise does he give? What does this mean? (28)
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