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Luke 15:11-15:32
Key Verse: 15:20

What did the younger son want? (12) Why? Why did his father give him what he wanted? What did the younger son do with his freedom? (13) What does this teach about God and man?

2. What happened when a famine struck the land? (14-15) What shows that the younger son hit rock bottom? (16) What did he remember and what did he decide to do? (17-20a)

3. Describe the son's repentance and the father’s welcome. (20b,21) What was the father’s view of his son’s return? (24) How did he restore him to sonship? (22) How does this reveal the heart of God?

4. How did the older brother react to the father’s welcoming and rejoicing over his younger brother? (25-30) What was his relationship with his father? In what sense was he like the Pharisees?
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