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John 15:1-15:17
Key Verse: 15:9

What did Jesus compare himself and God to? (1) What is the relationship between the vine and its branches? What does the gardener do to make the vine more fruitful? (2) What does it mean that the disciples are “already clean”? (3)

2. What does “Remain in Jesus” mean? (4) Why is it necessary for us to remain in Jesus? (4-6) What happens to a disconnected branch of the vine? (6) How can we remain in Jesus? (7; Col 2:6-7) What happens when Jesus and his words remain in us? Why is fruit-bearing so important? (8)

3. Think about love relationship between God and Jesus. How did Jesus show his love for the disciples and us? (9,13) What does it mean to remain in Jesus’ love? (9,10,17). What happens when we remain in Jesus’ love and bear much fruit? (11) How can we be Jesus’ friends? (14) What does it mean to be a friend of Jesus? (15)

4. What does it mean to you and me that Jesus chose us? (16a) What is the purpose of Jesus’ sovereign choice? (16b) How can you have a vine and branch relationship with Jesus and become fruitful?
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