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Matthew 17:1-17:13
Key Verse: 17:2

1. Where did Jesus go with Peter, James and John? (1) What happened there? (2) Describe what happened.Why do you think it happened?

2. Who appeared before them? (3) Why do you think they appeared?

3. What did Peter say to Jesus? (4) What does this show about himself? How did God help him? (5) At this how did the disciples respond? (6) What did Jesus do for them? (7) Whom did they see there now? (8)

4. As they were coming down the mountain, what did Jesus instruct his disciples? (9) Why did he give such an instruction? What did the disciples ask Jesus? (10) Why such a question? How did Jesus reply? (11-13) What is the point of Jesus’ reply?
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