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Matthew 18:15-18:35
Key Verse: 18:35

1. When one’s brother sins against him, what are the steps he should take? (15-17) What is important in each step? What is the whole point of this?

2. What does Jesus say about binding and loosing? (18) What does this mean? What does Jesus promise repeatedly? (19-20) Why is this promise significant?

3. When Peter asked about forgiving his brother, how did Jesus answer? (21-22) To what did compare the kingdom of heaven this time? (23) What does this comparison mean? How did the king settle an account with the servant who owed him then thousand talents? (24-27) What does this tell us about the king and the kingdom of heaven?

4. What did the servant whose account with the king was settled do? (28-30) When the king heard everything that had happened, how did he treat that servant? (31-34) What did Jesus say as the conclusion of this story (35)? What does this teach us?
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