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Matthew 21:23-21:46
Key Verse: 21:37

1. When Jesus entered the temple courts, what did he do? What did the chief priests and the elders of the people ask Jesus? (23) How did Jesus reply? (24-25a) What was their dilemma?(25b-27) How did they answer Jesus? What did Jesus say to them? (27) What does this tell us about them?

2. In the parable of two sons what did Jesus try to teach? (28-32)

3. How did the landowner plant a vineyard? (33a) What did he do with the vineyard? (33b) Why did he send his servants to the tenants? (34) What did the tenants do? (35) What did the landowner do further? (36-37) How did the tenants persist in their evil-doing? (38-39) What does this tell about mankind?

4. What will the owner of the vineyard finally do? (40-41) What words in the Scriptures did Jesus quote? (42) What does Jesus teach through the words? (43-45) What did the chief priests and the Pharisees do? (45-46)
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