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Isaiah 8:1-8:22
Key Verse: 8:13

1. In the opening of this chapter to whom did God say? What message did God give him? (1,2) How did Isaiah understand the message and what did he do? How was Isaiah’s son named and why that name? (3,4) What can we learn here?

2. What did the people reject? (6) Then what would this rejection result in? (7-8) How do you understand the last word, “O Immanuel” in God’s judgment message? What does the author say to the nations? How is his faith revealed? (9,10)

3. Now what did God speak to Isaiah? (11) What was the problem of the people of his time? How was he to live in that generation? (12-14) What will be God’s alternative when people do not fear God? (14-15)

4. What is the author’s personal direction and decision? (16-17) How does he view himself and his children? (18-19)

5. Why should a people inquire of their God, not mediums and spiritists? (19) When they do not speak according to the word or hear it, what will be the outcome? (20-21)
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