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Joshua 16:1-17:18
Key Verse: 17:15

1. Where did the allotment for Joseph begin and where did it end? (16:1-3) Observe the description of the territory of Ephraim (16:4-10). What are mentioned in the allotment for the tribe of Manasseh? (17:1-6) Observe the description territory of Manasseh? (17:7-13)

2. How are the people of Joseph related to Joshua? (Num 13:8,16) What do they say to him? (14) Why do they say that? What do you think about them?

3. How did Joshua answer? (15) What does he recognize about them? What direction does he give? Think about its meaning. What does this tell about Joshua’s spirit and life? How is this direction related to us?

4. What problem do the people of Joseph bring? (16) What is their real problem?

5. How did Joshua help them? (17,18) What does he recognize about them again? Yet, what clear direction does he give? How does he encourage them?
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