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Joshua 9:1-9:27
Key Verse: 9:24

1. When all the kings west of the Jordan heard about the work of God, what did they do? (1-2) What did the people of Gibeon do? How did they prepare come to Joshua? (3-5) Why did they come to him? (6)

2. How did the men of Israel respond at the coming of the Gibeonites? (7) What did Joshua ask them? (8) How did they answer? (9-13) What does their answer show about them?

3. What did the men of Israel do, and what did they do not do? (14) Then what did Joshua and the leaders of the assembly do? (15) Three days later, what did they find and how did they react to the Gibeonites? (16-18a) When the whole assembly grumbled against them, how did all the leaders of Israel answer? (18b-21) What does this tell about them?

4. What did Joshua say to the Gibonites? (22-23) How did they explain to Joshua the reason for their deceitful act? What can we learn from them? (24-25) Finally what did Joshua do to them? (26-27)
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