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Joshua 18:1-21:45
Key Verse: 20:9

1. Where did the whole assembly of the Israelites gather and what did they do there? (18:1) What did Joshua say to the Israelites? (18:2-7) How did Joshua distribute the land for the seven tribes that had not received their inheritance? (18:8-10) Observe the allotted territory for the tribe of Benjamin (18:11-28).

2. From where did the Simeonites receive their inheritance? (19:1-9) Observe the inheritance of Zebulen (19:10-16), Issachar (19:17-23), Asher (19:24-31), Naphatali (19:32-39), and Dan (19:40-48). Which town was given to Joshua as an inheritance? (19:49-50) What is the author’s comment when they finished dividing the land? (19:51)

3. At this time what is God’s message to Joshua? Why is this direction needed? (20:1-6,9) Describe the cities of refuge? (20:7-8) What does the establishment of the cities of refuge tell about God?

4. From where did the Levites who were descendants of Aaron receive their towns, and the rest of Kohath’s descendants, and the descendants of Gershon, and the descendants of Merari? (21:1-8) Observe the towns the Levites received (21:9-42). What did the author see when the LORD gave Israel all the land of promise? (21:43-45)
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