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Luke 23:26-23:56
Key Verse: 23:34

1. Who was Simon and what was done to him? (26) Who followed Jesus and what did he say to them? (27-31) Why do you think he said this to them?

2. Where and with whom was Jesus crucified? (32-33) On the cross what did he say to those who crucified him? (34a) What does this show about him? Beneath the cross, what did they do? (34b) What did the rulers and soldiers do to Jesus? (35-37)

3. What was written about him? (38) How did one of the criminals respond to Jesus? (39) What did the other criminal say to his fellow criminal? (40-41) What did he ask Jesus? (42) How did Jesus answer him? (43) What does this tell about him?

4. How was the nature respond at this time? (44) What happened to the curtain of the temple? (45) What did Jesus call out before his last breath? (46) What did the centurion do? (47) What two responses of people there make a contrast? (48-49)

5. How was a man named Joseph described? (50-51) What did he do? (52-53) What did some women do? (54-56)
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