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Luke 24:1-24:53
Key Verse: 24:6

1. When the women went to the tomb, what did they find? (1-3) Whom did they see and what message did they hear? (4-8) What did they remember? (8) Why is it so critical to believe in Jesus’ resurrection?

2. When the women told all that had happened to the apostles, what was the apostles’ response? (9-11) What did Peter do? (12)

3. Why do you think two of them were going to a village called Emmaus? (13) Who came up and walked along with them incognito? What did he ask them and what did they say to him? (17-24) What can you say about their spiritual condition?

4. How did Jesus help them? (25-27) What was the point of Jesus’ help? When did they recognize him? (28-31) What did they realize had happened in their hearts? (32) Where did they return and what did they do? (33-35)

5. How did Jesus appear among the gathering of the apostles? (36) How did they respond to it? (37) What did Jesus say to them? (38-39) What did he do to convince them of his resurrection? (40-43)

6. What did he finally say to them? (44-49) What must be preached to all nations? What did he promise? (49) What was he ascended? (50-51) What did they do? (52)
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