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1 Kings 1:1-2:46
Key Verse: 2:2-3

I. David Makes Solomon King (1:1-53)
1. Read verses 1-6. Why might people think that David had become powerless and even senile? Who was Adonijah? Why might he have become proud and self-confident? What did he decide to do?

2. Who supported Adonijah and who did not? (7-8) Who did he invite to his party and who did he leave out? What was his purpose in throwing this big party? (9-10)

3. To whom did Nathan go for help? Why? (11-21) What did she do and why might this be difficult for her? Why did Nathan want to establish Solomon as king? (24-27; 13,17; 1 Ch 22:9-10) How did David show that he was sill in charge? What commands did he give to whom? (28-35) How were they carried out? (36-40)

4. How did the people respond? (39-40) What was David's response to King Solomon on the throne? (47-48) What did Adonijah and his followers do? (42-51) How did King Solomon show his wisdom? (52-53) What are the differences between Adonijah and Solomon?

II. Solomon's Throne Established (2:1-46)
5. Just before David's death (2:10-12), what charge did he give Solomon? (2:1-4) How can one become brave, courageous and prosperous? What advice did David give Solomon in verses 5-9 regarding Joab, Barzilla's sons, and Shimei? For what reasons? In what ways must Solomon show himself to be a man in these matters?

6. Why was Adonijah put to death? (13-25) How did King Solomon deal with the priest, Abiathar? Why? (26-27; 2 Sa 2:34; 22:20) How did Solomon deal with Joab? (28-35; 6) (Who were Abner and Amasa? How had Joab hindered David's plan?) Why was Shimei eventually put to death? (8; 36-46a) How did Solomon show himself to be a man?

7. What reveals his humility and courage? How did his way of dealing with these problems establish his kingdom? (46b) In light of this, what must we do to firmly establish our families, church, and nation?
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