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1 Kings 3:1-7:51
Key Verse: 3:11-12

1. Solomon Asks For Wisdom (3:1-15)
1. Describe Solomon's faith (strengths and weakness). (3:1-5) What did God offer to do for Solomon? (4,5) What did King Solomon think about himself and about his people? (6-8) What was the one thing he asked of God? (9)

2. How did God regard Solomon's prayer (10) Why was God so pleased Solomon's request? What did he promise to give Solomon? (11-15)

2. Solomon, A Wise King (3:16-4:28)
3. What was the first difficult case that came before Solomon? (3:16-22) How did show his wisdom and administer justice in this case? How did he discern the baby's real mother? (3:23-27) Why did all Israel hold the king in awe? (28)

4. Who were Solomon's chief officials? (4:1-6) For what purpose did he establish twelve district governors? Who were they? (4:7-19) What shows the wealth and power of Solomon and his kingdom? (4:20-28) How did Solomon's wisdom compare with the wisdom of the world? (4:29-34)

3. Solomon Builds the Temple (Chapters 5-7)
5. What was relationship between Solomon and Hiram? (5:1) What message did Solomon send Hiram? What was his request? (5:2-6) How did Hiram respond? (5:7-12) Describe the labor force. (5:13-18) When did construction begin? (6:1) Describe the structure of the temple. (6:2-10) Why was the temple site quiet? (6:7) What was God's word to Solomon regarding the temple?(6:11-13)

6. What was the interior of the temple like? (6:14-18) Describe the Most Holy Place What was placed there? (6:19-28) How were each part of the interior of the temple and the Most Holy Place adorned? (14-36) How long did it take to complete the temple? (37, 38) How long did it take Solomon to build his palace? (7:1) What did Solomon build after building the temple? (2,7,8) (7:1-12) What was central? (7:7)

7. Who was Huram? (7:13-14) What did he design and make? (13-50) What did the king do after finishing the temple? (51) What meaning did building the temple have for Solomon's kingdom? (6:13)
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