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1 Corinthians 15:12-15:34
Key Verse: 15:21

1. 1. What was a problem the Corinthian Christian had regarding the resurrection? (12) How does Paul relate the resurrection of the dead to the resurrection of Christ? (13) What contestation does he make continually? What would be the results if Christ had not been raised? (14-19) What is the point of this sequential contestation?

2. Now what does he say convincingly? (20) What does this assertion mean? What certain claims does he make from Christ’s resurrection? (21,22) Think about these claims. How does this reveal the power of the resurrection? When and how will the resurrection of the dead happen? (23)

3. How will the end come? How extensive is the power of the resurrection? (24-25) How sure was Paul about the restoration of the kingdom? (26-28)

4. What does Paul say about the life of those who believe in the resurrection? (29-32a) What is the alternative lifestyle? (32b) What strong warning does he give? (33-34) How can we keep resurrection faith in this world?
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