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1 Corinthians 15:35-15:58
Key Verse: 15:49

1. What question might be raised? (35) Why such a question? What does Paul instruct in the explanation of a seed and its body? (36-38)

2. What does he say about flesh? (39) Then why does he bring up splendour (or glory)? (40-41) Finally, what does he say about the resurrection of the dead? (42-44)

3. How does he compare the first man Adam and the last Adam? (45) Who is the last Adam and why is he so? What is the point of this comparison? (45-46) How are the first man and the second man different? (47) Where are those who are of the earth and those who are of heaven destined? (48) In the end what shall those who are in Christ bear? (49)

4. What does Paul make sure here? (50) What is the mystery Paul is talking about? (51-53) What is Paul’s shout of victory? (54-55) How can he have this victory? (56-57)

5. What is Paul’s final advice? (58) Why is this advice needed?
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