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Matthew 23:1-23:39
Key Verse: 23:37

1. Read verses 1-7. Whom did Jesus address? (1) What did he tell them to do and what not to do? (2,3) What is their reason for doing or not doing it? How was the lifestyle of the teachers of the law and the Pharisees described? (4-7)

2. Read verses 8-12. What are three things mentioned here for them not to be called or to call anyone? (8-10) Why are they to do so? What does Jesus say about greatness? (11-12)

3. Read verses 13-15. What is the first woe? (13) And the second? (15) To God what is most serious?

4. Read verses 16-22. What is the third woe related to? How is one to swear?

5. Read verses 23-24. What is the fourth woe about? What should God’s people practice in their lives?

6. Read verses 25-28. What is the fifth woe? (25-26) And the sixth? (27-28) How is the importance of one’s inner life stressed?

7. Read verses 29-36. What is the seventh woe linked to? (29-32) How will they be condemned? (33) What is Jesus doing to help them? (34a) What will they do at this? (34b) What does Jesus pronounce to come upon them? (35-36)

8. Read verses 37-39. How does Jesus express his heart shown to them? What is his lament? (37) What does he prophesy? (38-39) What can you learn from this chapter?
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