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1 Kings 8:1-10:29
Key Verse: 8:36

1. When Solomon brought the ark of the Lord's covenant into the temple, who participated? (8:1-5) Where had the ark been kept? (2Sa 6) Who carried the ark? How was God worshiped and honored as they brought the ark? Where was it placed? (1-8) What was in the ark? (9) When the priests withdrew from the Holy Place, what happened? (10,11) What does this mean?

2. What did Solomon say about the purpose of the temple? (8:12-13) What did he teach the people about God who keeps his promises? How had God's word and David's heart's desire been fulfilled? How was Solomon's ascent to the throne and his building of the Temple the fulfillment of God's promise? (14-21)

3. What did Solomon confess about God in his prayer? (8:22-24) Why is it important that God keeps his promises? (25, 26) What kind of a place must the temple be for the people and for God? (27-30)

4. Examine the seven prayer topics of Solomon in verses 8:31-53) (i)In the case of sin against one's neighbor (31-32) (ii) Under defeat of a hostile nation (33-34) (iii) When there is no rain (35-36) (iv) In case of disaster (37-40) (v) When a foreigner prays (41-43) (vi) When going to war (44-45) (vii) When in captivity by an enemy nation (46-53). What view of human beings and of God is seen in his prayer? What can we see about David's faith in God and his shepherd heart for the people?

5. After prayer, how did Solomon bless the assembly? (8:54-59) What did he want all the peoples of the earth to know about God? (60,61) What did Solomon do after this? (62-65) How is the people's mood described (66)

6. Read 9:1-2. How did God consecrate the temple? (9:3) What double-edged promise did God make with Solomon's descendants and the people of Israel? (9:4-9)

7. What was Hiram's complaint? (10-14) Describe Solomon's labor force. (15-24) What sacrifices did Solomon make every year (25)? What was Solomon's glory, wealth, and wisdom like? (9:26-10:29)
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