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Matthew 24:1-24:51
Key Verse: 24:30

1. When Jesus left the temple, what did disciples want him to do? (1) What did Jesus say to them? (2) As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, what did the disciples ask him? (3) How did Jesus answer? (4-7) What are the characteristics of the signs of the end of the age mentioned here? How did Jesus view them? (8)

2. How would the disciples be treated? (9) How would many respond to it? (10) What will happen to the people of the world? (11,12) What should be the direction of the disciples? (13,14)

3. What will take place in the holy place? (15) What were the people told to do? (16-21) How does God show his care for the elect? (22) What does Jesus say again about false Christ and false prophets? (23-26)

4. What will the coming of the Son of Man be like? (27-28) What will happen to the heavenly bodies at his coming? (29) How will the Son of Man come? How will all the nations respond to it? (30) What will he do for his people (31)

5. What lesson does Jesus want us to learn from nature? (32-33) How does Jesus emphasize the significance of his words? (34-35)

6. What does Jesus say about the time of his coming? (36) How will people live at the coming of the Son of Man? (37-41) How can we prepare for his coming? (42-47) How do wicked servants act at his coming and what will they be treated? (48-51)
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