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1 Kings 11:1-12:24
Key Verse: 11:9,10

1. Why did Solomon's heart turn away from God? (11:1-4) When his heart turned away from God, what kind of a person did he become? (11:5-8; Ro 1:21-23)

2. Why was God's anger with Solomon compounded? (11:9a) How had God worked to show his love? (11:9b; 3:5;9:2,3) Because of Solomon's attitude and disobedience, what did God decide to do? What favor did he show Solomon? What did God promise to do for David's sake? (11:10-13)11:9,10

3. Who were the enemies God had raised up against Solomon? Why? (11:14-26)

4. Who was Jeroboam? (11:26-28) How had he been inspired to rebel against Solomon? (11:29-33) Why did God deliberately incite his rebellion? How did God want to use Jeroboam and also bless him? (33,36,39)Why did God not give the whole kingdom to Jeroboam? (34) What did God offer Jeroboam and what were the conditions of this offer? (11:37,38)

5. Who succeeded Solomon? (11:41-12:1) What did Jeroboam and the whole assembly of Israel request of Rehoboam? (12:2-5) How did Rehoboam respond to them? (6-14) What does this show about Rehoboam's ideas about governing? How was he different from David and Solomon? Why did he answer in this way? (8-11;15)

6. After this, what happened in Israel? (16-20) Why did the Israelites stone Adoniram? Why was the time ripe for this rebellion? What was God's plan? (11:32,36,39; 12:15)

7. What was Rehoboam's plan to regain the kingdom? (21) How did God stop him? (12:22-24) What was the fundamental cause of the nation's division? What was the immediate cause? How did God show his faithfulness? What can we learn about God in these chapters?
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