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Matthew 25:14-25:30
Key Verse: 25:16

1. Again, how is the kingdom of heaven described? (14) How did a man distribute his money to each of his servants? (15) What did each servant do with the money he received? (16-18)

2. When the master returned and settled accounts with them, what did the servant who had received the five talents report? (19-20) What did his master say to him? (21) What can you say about this servant, his working attitude, purpose of working, etc.?

3. And what did the servant with the two talents report and how did his master reply? (22-23) What kind of person was this servant?

4. Finally, what did the servant with the one talent report, and how did his master deal with him? (24-30) Try to imagine what kind of person this servant was. What was this servant’s problem?
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