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1 Kings 20:1-22:53
Key Verse: 20:13

I. God shows His glory (ch. 20)

1. Why did war break out between Aram and Israel? (1-12) How did Israel gain the victory? (13-21) What did the officials of the king of Aram think could be done to win over Israel? (22-25) How did God show his glory? (26-30)

2. How did Ben-Hadad save his own life? (30-34) What was Ahab's sin? (35-43)

II. God forgives those who repent (ch. 21)

3. Why didn't Naboth sell his vineyard to the king? (1-3) What evil deed did Queen Jezebel commit? (4-16) What did Elijah prophesy would happen to Ahab and Jezebel? (17-26)

4. What did the king do after hearing this prophesy? (27) How did God see Ahab, an evil king who nonetheless acknowledged his sin and humbled himself? (28,29)

III. God fulfills His Words (ch. 22)

5. What did the king of Israel want to do to Ramoth Gilead? (1-4) How did the advice of Micaiah differ from that of the other prophets? (5-23) What ordeals did Micaiah suffer? (24-28) What can we learn from Micaiah, who spoke only what the LORD told him?

6. How did king Ahab try to avoid being targeted in battle? (29,30) What happened to him? (31-40)

7. In what ways did Jehoshaphat do well, and what were his mistakes? (41-44) What of Jehoshaphat in his last years? (45-50) What sort of king was Ahaziah, successor of Ahab? (51-53)
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