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Luke 1:5-1:25
Key Verse: 1:17

1. What was the time-setting? Which characters are introduced in this story? (5) How does the author evaluate them? (6) What was their human condition? (7) What contrast is made in this paragraph?

2. What special occasion was it for Zechariah? (9) What were all the assembled worshippers doing outside? (10) What happened to Zechariah in the temple? (11,12)

3. What message did the angel deliver to Zechariah? What had been his prayer and how did God bless it? (13) What is said about the child his wife was going to bear him? (14-17) Think about the child’s life and mission.

4. How did Zechariah respond to the angel’s message? (18) Why did he respond in such a way? How did the angel answer him? (19-20) How does this show God’s love for him?

5. How did the people waiting outside think of him who stayed so long in the temple and came out not being able to speak to them? (21-22) When Zechariah returned home, what happened to his wife and what was her confession? (23-25)
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