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Luke 1:26-1:56
Key Verse: 1:38

1. In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy what did God do? What was Mary’s human situation? (26,27) How did the angel Gabriel greet Mary? (28)

2. How did Mary respond to the angel’s greeting? (29) What does this show about Mary? What message did the angel deliver to Mary? (30-33) What does it teach us about God? How is Jesus introduced in this message?

3. What was Mary’s question? (34) How did the angel answer it? (35-37) What was Mary’s decision? (38) What does this tell about Mary?

4. At that time where did Mary go? (39-40) Why? How did Elizabeth counsel her? (41-45) What can we learn from Elizabeth’s counseling?

5. What made Mary sing the song of praise to the Lord? (46-49) What was Mary’s general understanding of God’s way of working? (50-53) What did she know about God’s history? (54-55)
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