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A HORN OF SALVATION (Zechariah’s Song)

Luke 1:57-1:80
Key Verse: 1:69

1. Why did her neighbours and relatives rejoice when Elizabeth had her baby (57, 58)? How did they name the boy (59-68)? What amazing thing happened as a result (64-66)?

2. How did Zechariah praise God, being filled with the Holy Spirit (67-69)? What does “redeem”, “a horn of salvation” mean?

3. What meaning does ‘raising a horn of salvation’ give (70, 71)?
Who is God who sent a horn of salvation (72, 73)? What is the basis of God’s salvation?

4. What kind of life does a person live when he is rescued from the hand of enemies (74, 75)? Think about the blessings that follow such a life.

5. How did Zechariah prophesy about the future of his son (76)? What is the mission of John the Baptist (77)?

6. What kind of grace came to us by God’s mercy (78, 79)? What is the characteristic of ‘rising sun’, and in what sense is Jesus ‘rising sun’?

7. How did the child grow (80a)? How did he live before carrying out his mission?
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