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Romans 8:18-8:39
Key Verse: 8:37

1. Read verses 18-21. Why, when and by whom was creation subjected to frustration? What was the hope of him who subjected it?

2. Read verses 22-25. What is our hope for our world and for ourselves? (18-25) Why is this a sure hope? How do our hopes affect our life direction and attitudes?

3. Read verses 26-28. How does the Spirit continue to help us in the midst of suffering and weakness until God's glory is revealed and his will accomplished? (14-18; 26-27) What can we do?

4. Read verses 28-32. What is God's will or purpose for us? How is God working to accomplish it? How can we know for sure that God loves us? What should this mean to us practically?

5. Read verses 31-37. Why do we not need to fear those who accuse or condemn us? How can we live without fear and without a crooked mind, live as conquerors in a world under curse?

6. Read verses 38-39. How dependable is God's love? What difference does this make in our lives? In the light of this chapter, what does it mean to be a child of God? To be more than a conqueror?
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