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Acts 7:1-7:60
Key Verse: 7:60

1. What did the high priest ask Stephen? (1) From what did he begin to tell in this speech? How was God described? Where did God appear to Abraham and what did God say to him? (2-3) In the land of Canaan, when Abraham had no inheritance and no child, what did God promise him? (4-7) Afterward what covenant did God give Abraham? How did twelve patriarchs come about? (8)

2. How did God lead Joseph’s life? (9-11) How did it happen that Jacob and his whole family went down to Egypt? (11-14) Where were Jacob and Joseph buried? (15-16; Ge 50:12; Jos 24:32)

3. While they were in Egypt, what did God do with them? (17) What was their situation in Egypt changed? (18-19) In what circumstances was Moses born and how was he raised? (20-22) When Moses was forty years old, what did he try to do? (23-25) What did it result in? (26-29)

4. After forty years of his life in the desert of Midian, what happened to him? (30-32) What did the Lord say to Moses? (33-34) Why was he sent back to Egypt and how did he serve his people? (35-36) What did Moses say to Israelites? (37) What did he receive on Mount Sinai? (38)

5. How did the Israelites refuse to obey God and reject him? (39-42) What was God’s hard decision for them? (42-43)

6. How was the tabernacle of the Testimony made and carried with them? (44-45) Who built the house for God? (46-47) What was mentioned about God’s resting place? (48-50) At this point how did Stephen rebuke his people? (51-53)

7. When the people heard this speech of Stephen, how did they react? (54) What did Stephen see and say? (55-56) At this what did they do to Stephen? (57-58) What did Stephen do at the very moment of his death by the stoning? (59-60)
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