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Acts 8:1-8:40
Key Verse: 8:12

1. What did Saul do at the time of Stephen’s death? (8:1a; 7:58) What happened to the church in Jerusalem? (1b) What did godly men do? (2) What did Saul do? (3)

2. What did those who had been scattered do? (4) Where did Philip go and what took place there through him? (5-8) Who was Simon and how was he known among the people in the city? (9-11) What did Philip do and what did it result in? (12) What did Simon do at this? (13) What can you think of the people in Samaria?

3. When the apostles in Jerusalem heard about the work of God in Samaria, what did they do? (14) How did the believers in Samaria receive the Holy Spirit? (15-16)

4. What did Simon do when he saw that the Holy Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles’ hands? (18-19) What clear attitude did Peter show? (20-23) How did Simon respond at this? (24) What is written more about Peter and John? (25)

5. How did Philip come to meet an Ethiopian? (26-27) Who was the Ethiopian and what was he doing? (27-28) How did they begin Bible study and what did Philip tell him? (20-35)

6. What did the man request and what was done to him? (36-38) What does this show about the man and his faith? How did the encounter between Philip and the man end? (39) How did the Spirit of the Lord continue to lead Philip to do? (39-40)

7. What do you think is the main point in this passage? What can you learn from this study personally?
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