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John 19:16b-19:42
Key Verse: 19:30

1. How was going to Golgotha expressed? (16b-17) Where and how was Jesus crucified? (17-18) What notice did Pilate prepare and fasten to the cross? (19) How effective was it? (20) Why did he do this and how and why was his unswerving decision stressed? (21-22)

2. What did the soldiers do with Jesus’ clothes? (23-24) What does this tell about them? What did the author John see in this act of the soldiers? What did Jesus say to his mother and to his beloved disciple on the cross? (25-27) What does this show about him?

3. Why did Jesus say, “I am thirsty”? (28) What did the people do at this? (29) Why such a detailed description? (cf. Ex 12:22) What did Jesus finally say on the cross? (30) What does this mean?

4. After Jesus’ death, what did the soldiers do further with his body? (31-34) What comment did the author make on this? (35-37) Through these descriptions about Jesus’ death, what do you think the author assures concerning Jesus?

5. Who were involved in Jesus’ burial? (38-42) What does this tell about them? Where was he buried? What does this burial of Jesus mean?
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