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Acts 9:1-9:31
Key Verse: 9:3-4

1. How was Paul described here and what was his plan? (1-2) As he neared Damascus on his journey, what happened to him? (3) What voice did he hear? (4) What was the conversation between Jesus and Saul? (5-6) Think about this Jesus who appeared to Saul and conversed with him.

2. What did the men traveling with Saul respond to this event? (7) What was Paul’s condition at this time? (8a) What did the men do for Paul? (8b-9)

3. Who was in Damascus and what did the Lord call him to do? (10-12) How did he respond to the Lord’s calling? (13-14) What did the Lord say to him concerning Paul? (15-16) What can we learn from this calling?

4. What did Ananias do? (17) What happened to Paul? (18-19)

5. After conversion, what did Saul do in Damascus? (19b-20) How did all those who heard him respond to it? (21) How was Saul’s influence described? (22) What did the Jews want to do with Saul? (23-24) How did his followers protect him? (25)

6. When he came to Jerusalem, what did Saul try to do? (26a) How did the disciples in Jerusalem react to him? (26b) At this situation who intervened and what did he do for Saul? (27) Since then, how did Saul act in Jerusalem? (28)

7. How did the circumstance become dangerous for Saul and what did the brothers do with him? (29-30) How was the church’s situation described? (31)
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