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John 20:1-20:31
Key Verse: 20:17

1. What was the time setting and who went to the tomb? What did she find and what did she do? How was the other disciple described and what did this description mean to him at that time? (1-2)

2. What did Peter and the other disciple do? What do you think is the point of this detailed account? (3-9)

3. How could Mary meet the risen Jesus? (10-16) What did Jesus say to her? Think about the meaning of Jesus’ words she had to deliver to his disciples. What does Jesus’ direction signify to her? (17) How did Mary respond to it? (18)

4. When and how did Jesus meet his disciples? (19-20) What direction did Jesus give to them? (21) How did Jesus do equip them? (22-23)

5. How did Jesus care for Thomas? (24-27) What was Thomas’ confession? (28) What did Jesus say to him? (29) Why did the author write this gospel? (30-31)
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