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John 18:12-19:16b
Key Verse: 18:37

1. When the solders arrested Jesus, to whom did they bring him? (18:12-14) What did the high priest question Jesus? (19) How did Jesus answer it? (20-21) How did Jesus respond to the one who struck him in the face? (22-23) What does this trial of Jesus before Annas tell about him?

2. Then to whom did the Jews lead Jesus? (24,28a) What did they not want and did want? (28b) What does this irony tell about them? What is their first conversation with Pilate? (29-31) What would be fulfilled through this conversation? (32)

3. In the conversation with Pilate what does Jesus reveal about himself? (33-37) After the conversation what did Pilate attempt to do to release Jesus? (38-39) How did the Jews respond at this? (40)

4. What did Pilate do with Jesus? (19:1) How did the soldiers ridicule him? (2-3) How did Pilate try again to release Jesus? (4-5) What was the Jews persistence reaction? (6-7)

5. What made Pilate more afraid? (8) In the second conversation with Pilate what did Jesus say to him? (9-11)

6. Despite his repeated attempt to set Jesus, what finally made him fail? (12-15) what final decision did he make? (16b) In this study what can you say about Jesus, Pilate and the Jews?
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