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Acts 9:32-10:23a
Key Verse: 10:13

1. Where did Peter go? (32) Who was there and what was his condition? (33) How did Peter heal him? (34) What did this healing result in? (35)

2. Who was in Joppa and how was her life described? (36) What happened to her? (37) What did the disciples there do? (38)

3. When Peter arrived there, where was he taken? What was the situation there? (39) In that situation what did Peter do? (40a) What happened to the dead? (40b-41) How did this raising the dead affect the people there? (42-43)

4. How were Cornelius and his family described? (1-2) What vision did he see? (3-6) How did he respond to it? (7)

5. What was Peter’s condition? (9-10) What vision did he see and what voice did he hear? (11-14) How did he respond to it? (15) How sure was the vision? (16) What does this vision mean to Peter? (10:28)

6. How did it take place that Peter welcomed those sent by Corenlius into the house where he stayed? (17-23a)
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