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Acts 10:23b-10:48
Key Verse: 10:43

1. How did Peter come to Cornelius’ house, and how did Cornelius prepare for Peter’s coming? (23b-27) In Peter’s meeting Cornelius, what two things do we found that are forbidden to God’s people? How did Peter explain his coming to a Gentile’s residence? (28-29)

2. How did Cornelius explain his encountering Peter and show his readiness to listen? (30-33) What did Peter realize about God? (34-35) In his message what did Peter say about Jesus? (34-43) What do you think are important in Peter’s message?

3. While Peter was still speaking, what happened to all who heard the message? (44) Why were the circumcised believers astonished? (45-46) At this what did Peter do? (47-48)
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