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Acts 11:19-11:30
Key Verse: 11:26

1. Where did those who had been scattered by the persecution go? (19) How did the work of God begin in Antioch? (20-21)

2. Hearing the news of God’s work in Antioch, what did the church at Jerusalem do? (22) How did Barnabas help the believers at Antioch? (23) How was he portrayed and what happened at Antioch through his service? (24)

3. How did Saul come to Antioch and what did Barnabas and Saul do for the church in Antioch? (25-26) How was the disciples there called? (26) What does this mean?

4. Who came from Jerusalem to Antioch and what did one of them, Agabus predict? (27-28) What did the disciples in Antioch do for the brothers in Judea? (29-30) Why did they do this? What does this us about the Antioch church?
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