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Acts 13:13-13:52
Key Verse: 13:39

1. When Paul and his companions went to Perga, what happened to the journey team? (13) From Perga, where did they go and what did they do there? (14-16)

2. In his speech, how did Paul summarize the history of Israel before Jesus? (17-22) On whom did he focus? How did God send the Saviour Jesus? (23) What did John do before his coming and what could John say about him? (24-25)

3. After saying about the brief history of Israel up to Jesus’ coming, what message did he give? What is the main point of the message? (26-37) What did he want them to know? (38-41) What was the result of Paul’s message? (42-43)

4. On the next Sabbath what happened? (44-45) At the persecution what direction did Paul and Barnabas have? (46-47) At this direction how did the Gentile respond? (48-49) How was the Jews’ response at this? (50-51) How were the disciples? (52)
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