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Acts 14:1-14:28
Key Verse: 14:22

1. In Iconium how did God work through Paul and Barnabas? (1) What did the unbelieving Jews do against the work of God? (2) What did Paul and Barnabas do at this opposition? How did the Lord help them? (3) What plot was afoot against Paul and Barnabas, and what did they do? (4-7)

2. In Lystra who listened to Paul and how did Paul help him? (8-10) How did the crowd in Lystra respond to what Paul had done there?(11-13) What did Barnabas and Paul do to help them when the crowd wanted to offer sacrifices to them? (14-18)

3. What did some Jews from Antioch and Iconium do to Paul? (19) When they thought he was dead and threw him outside the city, what did Paul do? (20) How can you describe Paul’s life here?

4. In Derbe how did God work powerfully through Paul and Barnabas? (21) Returning to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch, how did they help the disciples? (22-23)

5. How did Paul and Barnabas come back to Antioch? (24-26) On arriving there, how did they share the work of God? (27-28)
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