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Acts 15:1-15:35
Key Verse: 15:11

1. What did some men from Judea teach to the believers to Antioch? (1) What did it cause Paul and Barnabas to do? (2) On their way to Jerusalem what did they do? (3) When they came to Jerusalem, whom did they meet and what did they do? (4) What did some Pharisees say? (5)

2. In the meeting of the apostles and elders at Jerusalem, what did Peter address them? (6-11) What was the conclusion of this address? (11) Think about the importance of this conclusion.

3. How did the whole assembly respond to Barnabas and Paul’s report? (12) What did James speak up? (13-14) What words of the prophets did he quote in agreement with what Simon Peter had said? (15-16) What was James’ judgment? (17-21)

4. What did the apostles and elders decide to do? (22) What message did they send to the believers in Antioch through those whom they had chosen? (23-29)

5. How was the letter delivered to the believers in Antioch affect them? (30-33) How were those sent from Jerusalem sent back? (34) What did Paul and Barnabas do in Antioch? (35)
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