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Acts 15:36-16:40
Key Verse: 16:14

1. What did Paul suggest Barnabas? (15:36) How were they different in their opinion? (37-38) Finally, what did each decide to do? (39-41)

2. In Lystra whom did Paul meet and how was he introduced? (16:1-2) What did Paul do with him? (3) Travelling from town to town, how did Paul help the people? (4) What was the result? (5)

3. Where did Paul and his companion want to go? But where did the Spirit of Jesus want to lead them? (6-8) During the night what vision did Paul see? (9) What did Paul decide to do? (10)

4. How did they come to Philippi? (11-12) How did Paul meet Lydia and how did God work in her? (13-14) What did she do for Paul and his companion? (15)`

5. How did Paul and Silas come to be thrown into prison? (16-24) What did Paul and Silas do in the prison? (25) Then what happened to the prison? (26) What did the jailer see and try to do? (27) What did the jailer attempt to do and how did Paul help him? (28-32) What happened to the jailer and all his family? (33-35) What can we learn about God’s way of working?

6. How were Paul and Silas released from the prison and how did they take initiative? (35-39) After coming out of the prison, where did Paul and Silas go? (40) What can you say about Paul’s pioneering Philippi?
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