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Acts 19:1-19:40
Key Verse: 19:20

1. Arriving at Ephesus whom did Paul find and how did he help them? (1-7) How did he help them further? (8) What opposition arose? (9a) At this situation what did he do? (9b) What was the result of the intensive discipleship training? (10)

2. How did God do extraordinary miracles through Paul? (11-12) When some people tried to just copy what Paul did, what happened? (13-17) How did the event affect the people living in Ephesus? (17-20)

3. After seeing all the work of God, what did Paul decide to do? (21-22)

4. What problem did a silver-smith Demetrius bring? (23-27) Then what happened in the whole city of Ephesus? What was Paul asked to do by the disciples and his friends? How influential was the goddess Artemis in Ephesus? (28-34) How was the matter quieted? (35-40) What can you say about the work of God in Ephesus?
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