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Galatians 2:1-2:21
Key Verse: 2:20

1. Fourteen years later, what motivated Paul to visit Jerusalem (1-2,4)? In Paul’s mind, why was the circumcision issue so serious (2b)? What happened to Titus in Jerusalem, and what was the significance of this (1b,3)?

2. What was the false brothers’ real motive in forcing Gentiles to be circumcised (4)? Why did Paul say “the truth of the gospel” (5, 14)? Why should the truth of the gospel be preserved? Why has this been so crucial for the history of Christian missions?

3. How did the leaders in Jerusalem respond to Paul and his message (6)? How could they agree to part ways amicably and work for the gospel respectively (7–10)? How would the Jerusalem leaders’ acceptance help Paul in his Gentile ministry?

4. How did the circumcision group influence Peter to change his behavior, and what impact did this have (11–13)? How and why did Paul rebuke him publicly (14)?

5. How does the gospel apply to both Jew and Gentile, and what contrast does Paul make between justification by faith and performance-based righteousness [works] (15-16)? How did Paul dispel misunderstanding about those who trust in the gospel (17–18)?

6. What did Paul mean when he said he died to the law (19a)? For what purpose (19b)? In what respects did Christ’s love change Paul so that he could live for God (20)? How can we act in line with the truth of the gospel? Why is it so important to live by the grace of God alone (21)?
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